Legal Information

Prior to your stay at Granite Point Mountain Lodge, a signed copy of the Waiver, Assumption of Risk Indemnity Agreement is required. When you book your stay with us, we will send you an email with the document requiring your signature.

How do I get to Granite Point Mountain Lodge, how long does it take and what is the cost?

This remote property is accessible by boat or helicopter only. Water taxis are available from the Seward Boat Harbor for this 30 minute ride along some of the most stunning views of Resurrection Bay to GPML. A helpful link is provided at the bottom of this page to Alaskan Coastal Safari (907 362 4101) Current cost of a round trip is $65. Occasionally guests will combine a sightseeing excursion with the flight out to the property. This would be a wonderful opportunity to get an overview of the entire bay and take in the majesty of Bear Glacier. Call Marathon Helicopters (907 769 3050) for a quote. Positions fill up quickly for all of these so be sure to book your transportation to the property at the same time as your accommodations. Do you want a private boat to go fishing with or tour the bay on? Check out Seward AK Boat Rental

Where do I park?

Arriving in Seward you will see the Harbor 360 hotel and immediately behind it, boat masts on your left. Turn left at the next intersection. City Parking is available across from the hotel or futher south on 4th Ave on the left. Current rates are $10/day.

Can I come and go during my stay at the property?

Of course, your can arrange for pick up and drop off from Alaskan Coastal Safari (907 362 4101) or Miller's Landing at (1 866 541 5739) for a variety of tours, day trips and fishing excursions.

What activities are available?

Beach combing, including exploring the tide pools, and rock formations is a favorite. Or try your hand at beach fishing. Kayaking is very popular for our guests. A fleet of high tech ultra modern single and double boats stand ready for your ocean adventures. We offer a combination of single and double boats with sufficient boats/ capacity for the occupancy of each facility is (4) guests for the Pepper Creek Cabin, (6) for the Lodge and (4) for the Fox Den Cabin. In addition we offer stand up paddle boards that are fun on a calm day. For those adventurous hikers there are some awesome views of the bay and surrounding mountains when climbing above the lodge. By separate arrangement charter fishing, mushing with dog sleds on Bear Glacier, whale watching ,site seeing accompanied by a salmon bake on Fox Island are all possibilities to compliment your time at Granite Point Mountain Lodge.

Is the water drinkable at GPML?

The water at the lodge is double filtered and therfore drinkable. At Pepper Creek Cabin you will need to bring a water filter or bottled water for your stay.

How is the food we bring kept cool?

Lodge guests will enjoy the convenience of an energy efficient refrigerator/freezer. Pepper Creek Guests will need to bring ice to put in the provided 65 quart bear proof Yeti ice chest.

What bathroom facilities are provided?

At the lodge, we employ the most original compost toilet known to man, an outhouse. However, hot showers are indoors. Pepper Creek guests will be introduced to a modern day compost toilet.

Are there bears on the property?

While rarely seen on the property, they are native to the area. They are seen most frequently on the hill sides in May when they come our of hibernation or fishing at the various salmon streams that empty into Resurrection Bay. When hiking in bear country keep your head up watching for any activity and make noise (clap or sing) to alert bears to your presence.

What is the accessibility to the property?

Pepper Creek Cabin is located in a secluded set back off the beach. The lodge and Fox Den Cabin are located on a 150' cliff overlooking Resurrection Bay. Ascending 84 steps in 4 staircases and a short 30 yard trail, you arrive at a breath taking panoramic view of the entire bay.

What is your check in , check out time?

In order to provide time for cleaning and restocking, our check in time is 3:00pm and Check out time is 11:00am. Please schedule your water taxi time accordingly.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Guests will receive a full refund minus a $100 booking fee if canceling more than 60 days prior to their arrival date. Guests canceling between 59 days to 30 days prior to their arrival date will receive 50% of their total monies. Guests canceling less than 30 days prior to their arrival date will not recive a refund. This cancellation policy is driven by the very short operating season (less than 100 days) and the near impossibility of filling cancelled dates on short notice. A 100% refund will be issued for any booking that is cancelled due to weather by GPML.

Are children allowed?

Due to the nature of this remote property and the inherent dangers of our location on a cliff, we require that all children be of at least 12 winters. Special care is also advised while kayaking. Young children are welcome at Pepper Creek Cabin as long as everyone stays off the stairs to the lodge and adults exercise extreme caution.

How will I receive confirmation of my reservation?

You will receive a receipt for charges applied to your credit card and a request to complete your phone reservation by following a link provided to Rental Policies,